In re:pair, we are taking an innovative combinatorial approach to solve the major problems related to nerve repair over long distance nerve defects in peripheral nerve injuries. We develop a 3D artificial hydrogel-based graft which mimics the natural topography of nerves, and helps the sponteounously-regenerating axons rapidly take the right path needed for the repair of long distance nerve defects. Our solutions based on an extensive research work and are aimed to neurosurgeons, orthopedics and plastic surgeons who are specialized in nerve transplantation surgeries and are interested in the next cutting edge solutions.

  • Three-dimensional hydrogel-based graft

  • Treat long nerve gaps

  • Mimics natural microscopic and nanometric elements of the healthy nerve

  • No donor-site damage

  • Simple, safe and easy to obtain

  • Short operation time 

  • Custom-made length and diameter



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